Graffiti Proof Vinyl

Many are the times you find yourself taking a lot of your time, making sure that your outdoor graphics are okay. It’s frustrating when a graffiti artist you hired makes your sign his canvas, which is why Printmoz makes a graffiti proof vinyl banner that can be purchased here! Recently, billboards, banners, graffiti, and tagging have become a daily occurrence, and they all suffer from vandalism. What is even annoying and frustrating as well is that the vandals leave their mark anywhere they want without much care. Not seeing a lot of graffiti on your store or signage doesn’t mean it won’t happen, no it is just a matter of time.

Markers and spray paint are the most common tools graffiti artists use in their work, as a signature on your graphics. Well, your sign having been chosen by these graffiti artists to showcase their abilities doesn’t translate that you will permanently need to procure a new sign. Removing graffiti as well as replacing your graphics is one costly affair you do not want to go through now and then.

Protecting your graphics by adding an extra layer of vinyl graphics is a perfect remedy to this problem. There are at least three proven ways of coating your vinyl banner surfaces to shield your sign from this kind of vandalism.

The sacrificial coating is one of this method, and it adds a protective yet transparent layer that usually forms a gap over your signage surface you are protecting. In case your sign surface gets vandalized, you will only need a high-pressure washer to remove the coating on the cover along with the graffiti. This process gets repeated once washed off. This method is suitable for short term graphics.

The other method you can use with vinyl graphics to protect your sign from vandalism is a semi sacrificial coating. This method plays the safety role as it protects your graphics from an external penetration from the surface it the coating is applied. It usually protects the pores on the surface. Once your surface gets vandalized, you only need a graffiti removal solvent combined with a high-pressure washer, and your graffiti coating will get safely removed.

The third and the last standard method used with vinyl graphics is a permanent coating. Sometimes its regarded as the most expensive among the three options, but when the permanent-coating gets done as intended, you will only be required to do it once. With this method, sprays and paint applied to its surface won’t bond with it as it forms a protective layer on top of your graphics. All these doesn’t mean that by having a permanent coating on your signage surface, your graphics are immune to graffiti attacks. But when they do occur, you will only require a pure graffiti solvent, a rag with some scrubbing on the surface. Cleaning does not affect your sign or its surface underneath, not even the protective coating, which is permanent. If you have a long term sign on your premises, then the permanent-coating is the best option for you.

Applying the above methods of graffiti proof coating comes with a lot of benefits; some of these benefits are as discussed below.

With vinyl proof graphics coating on the surface of your sign, shields your graphics from typical weather damages such as sun and rain, as well as the Ultraviolet laminate, making your sign last longer. Graffiti proof coating also protects your posters from stains, mold, scuff, and mildew.

By the fact that vinyl coating gets applied at the last stage of your signage, the coating protects your graphics and eases the after cleaning as well as shedding off unwanted graffiti. Not just cleaning, the vinyl coating creates an appealing finish on your product, making your signage design eye-catching.

Before deciding on which method to apply, its crucial to consider some factors as a guide, make sure you understand whether your sign is a long term sign or a short term one and then appropriately choose the right graffiti coating proof among the three. Also, you will need to understand that the methods come with different prices based on each method coating lifetime. A technique like permanent coating is a bit expensive than the rest as it offers a permanent solution, unlike the other two. The washing method is almost the same across the three whenever your signs get vandalized with graffiti.